fingerlakeslineupHeadin’ to Keuka Lake soon. Can’t wait. This time it will have an even more special meaning, because it is the setting for the main story line in my sequel.
     Keuka is one of the 11 Finger Lakes that stretch across upstate New York. Its distinction among the group is its shape, a Y. Keuka meant “crooked” to the Iroquois who lived there and named it.
     The microclimates around these lakes and the composition of their glacier-carved soils make them perfect settings for the thriving wine industry. New York Rieslings are getting the worldwide attention they deserve. Vintners are pushing the production of red varieties now, and you see more of the climate-fussy pinot noir being offered.
     Also springing up is a strong locavore movement, focusing on organic produce, meats and dairy products. This access to wonderful, fresh ingredients has drawn out the creativity of some very talented chefs who call the region home, either at winery cafes or country home restaurants.
     IMG_1432     I believe Keuka has healing powers. One swim in her waters and your cares melt away, your soul is restored and life takes on its proper pace. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with this watery Mecca. Watch this blog for upcoming posts on my travels and some of the highlights of the vacation.

     P.S. FLX stands for Finger Lakes. You’ll see it on many car bumpers as you drive around the area.