Every Labor Day weekend on Keuka Lake, beaches are lined at night with a red glow from flares and bonfires. It is the celebration of Genundowa, or the Festival of Lights. Here’s an explanation of this Native American tradition from http://www.genundowa.com/:

 ringoffire    “Each year, since ancient times, the Seneca Elders built a great fire to give thanks for peaceful times and abundant harvests. After the fire was lit, it was answered by smaller fires from camps along the shoreline, forming a ring of fire around the lake.”

     My cousins and I took part in Genundowa on Saturday. We wished we could have seen the view from above. It must be amazing to see the Y-shaped Keuka outlined in red light. It’s a scene repeated across all of the Finger Lakes that night. What made the evening even more magical was the brilliant full moon, called the corn moon (for the time when corn must be harvested) by the Native Americans.