Cast the movie

If you were to make a movie of “A Sudden Gift of Fate,” who would you cast in the roles? Here are some reader suggestions:

Fergal Griffin: David O’Hara
Brídgeen Griffin: Anna Friel
Shane Griffin: Colin Farrell
Colm O’Brien: Brendan Gleeson, Colm Meany
Sorcha O’Brien: Sinéad Cusack
Maeve Kenny: Rachel McAdams
Andy Krall: Topher Grace
Luc Reynard: Javier Bardem
Charles Krall: Peter Krause, Peter Hamm
Selma Krall: Sela Ward
Martin Kenny: Brian Dennehy, James Cromwell
Will Reilly: Ryan Reynolds
Emily Reilly:  Anne Hathaway
Gráinne Griffin: Brenda Fricker
Fr. Mike Meehan: Ewan McGregor
Anne Meehan Clarke: Joan Cusack,
Zach Clarke: Conner Rayburn
Krista: Hayden Panittiere
Sen. John DeGregorio: Bradley Cooper, Bobby Canavale, Zachary Quinto
Nina Selezneva: Kim Cattrall

Say hello to…

Many of the characters in the novel have Irish names. Here’s a quick key to pronunciation:
Brídgeen — breed-JEAN
Colm — COL-um
Fergal — FUR-gahl
Gráinne — GRAWN-yuh
Maeve — MAYVH
Máiréad — MAWR-aid
Séamas — SHAY-muss
Sorcha— SORE-uh-kha (like the guttural ch in challah)